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Microwavable Heating Cap

Microwavable Heating Cap

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Tame your tresses with a microwavable flaxseed heating cap! Pair with our Royal Oil Treatment or Palace Deep Conditioner.

Get the feeling of a salon treatment - but at home! The heating cap provides gentle heat that encourages the hair cuticles to lift to allow products to penetrate the hair strand, enhancing the benefits of an oil treatment or deep conditioner. The heating cap comes with an optional shower cap that helps keep your hair in place under the heating cap. The cap will hold heat for up to 20 minutes and can be reheated as many times as you need. 

How to use

Prepare your hair with deep conditioner or oil treatment. Heat the heating cap in the microwave for 2 minutes. Apply the shower cap (optional), then the heating cap. Allow product to sit for your desired amount of time, then wash or rinse product out. 


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