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London's Hair Food

The King's Beard Oil

The King's Beard Oil

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You- with the beard! Feel like your beard needs a boost and some love? Look no further (you could, but you wouldn't have what we have!). The King's Beard Oil is your new best friend. This blend of strengthening oils includes Hemp Seed, Baobab and Black Seed to help keep your beard soft, shiny and smooth! What's more to love? Oh, right - the essential oil blend helps promote growth. Fit for a King, this oil will have your beard at it's finest.


2 oz




Hemp Seed, Avocado, Macadamia, Baobab, Black Seed, Vitamin E, essential oil blend

**DISCLAIMER: For sensitive skin, please perform a patch test before applying. Do not continue to use if a reaction occurs. London's Hair Food is not responsible for any allergic reactions. Please consult a healthcare professional prior to use if needed. 

How to use

Massage a nickel-sized amount into beard, stroking downward. Comb through. Use daily for maximum benefit.


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