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The King's Beard Butter

The King's Beard Butter

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Hey, King! So you're looking for something that will moisturize and condition your beard and the skin underneath? Maybe something that will help tame the flyaways? Something not too heavy? We got you! The King's Beard Butter is your new go-to. This whipped butter is made with Shea butter, Cupuacu (you say it like "coo-poo-ah-sue") butter and Mango butter. The butters and oils spread easily on contact with skin and are luxurious in feel and even more so on your facial hair.

2 oz




Shea Butter, Cupuacu Butter, Mango Butter, Moringa, Sunflower, Avocado, Vitamin E

How to use

applying The King's Beard Oil, scoop a small amount from container and rub
between hands and fingertips. Apply to beard with fingertips using an upward
motion, making sure the skin underneath is met with product. Then stroke beard
downwards with palms and brush through.  

note that beard butter should not be used as a replacement for beard oil and
should be used with beard oil daily for maximum benefit.  


Usually ships in 1-3 business days.

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