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London's Hair Food

LOW POROSITY Royal Oil Treatment

LOW POROSITY Royal Oil Treatment

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What's more annoying - having an oil that is too heavy or having an oil that is irritating to the scalp? We think it's a tie. That is why we crafted the Royal Oil Treatment for Low Porosity hair. Lightweight oils, such as Moringa, Flaxseed and Almond, come together in this multi-use serum that leaves hair nourished. Gone are the days of having an itchy, irritated and tired scalp when wearing a protective style, and WAY gone are the days where hair wasn't getting enough nutrients. An essential oil blend promotes a healthy scalp and promotes healthy growth, while an Ayurvedic herbal infusion promotes healthy hair overall.

8 oz 


Moringa, Flaxseed, Baobab, Almond, Vitamin E, Essential oil blend, Ayurvedic herbal infusion

*The Ayurvedic herbal infusion contains 18 different Ayurvedic herbs, including Fenugreek, Babchi Seeds and Curry leaves. +$2

How to use

Can be used as a hot oil treatment, scalp serum and for wash 'n go styles.
For hot oil treatments: Warm desired amount of oil in microwave safe dish for 10 seconds. Apply oil to damp hair and cover with a heating cap if desired. Let sit at least 30 minutes. Shampoo hair, focusing on scalp and not strands.

**DISCLAIMER: For sensitive skin, please perform a patch test before applying. Do not continue to use if a reaction occurs. London's Hair Food is not responsible for any allergic reactions. Please consult a healthcare professional prior to use if needed. 


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