Our Story

London's Hair Food was created in January 2021. Ciera, owner and creator, did not grow up seeing the beauty in her natural hair. Growing up in a predominantly white community, Ciera did not learn how to take care of her hair properly which led to many miserable years of hair breakage. Fast forward to 2018, Ciera started embracing her textured hair and began nursing it back to life with homemade products that she made on the fly. In 2020, Ciera had a healthy head of curly hair that she loved and now hopes to encourage and inspire other women who went through similar struggles that she did with her hair growing up.
London's Hair Food products are crafted by hand in small batches with raw & exotic ingredients that leave dryness behind! And what makes us unique is that our product line is based on your hair's porosity level, rather than your curl pattern, to give you a more tailored experience. So whether you have low, medium, or high porosity hair, we got you covered!


Visit our All About Porosity page to learn how to determine your porosity! Are you ready to feel like royalty?!