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How To Use London's Hair Food Products To Get The Best Looks!

Ciera, here! I wanted to share how to use London’s Hair Food products to see results! I have been on my natural hair journey since 2018 and when I stepped away from chemical straightening and constant thermal straightening, I realized that caring for my natural hair required using techniques that I was not familiar with. Since I offer hair care products for natural hair, I wanted to share the techniques I use with London’s Hair Food to get my curls thriving!


1) Royal Oil Treatment

MY EXPERIENCE: In the beginning of my natural hair journey, I read a bunch of blog posts on oil treatments and how they were beneficial for hair. My hair was tired, super dry, and was breaking a ton. I used to mix a bunch of oils together and throw them in the microwave for a few seconds, apply them to my hair, cover my hair with a grocery bag, and let it sit for hours. Immediately after doing this and washing the oil out, my hair was noticeably softer. Over time, I was experiencing less breakage (oils help increase hair elasticity), I saw fewer split ends, and my hair was becoming softer.

HOW I LIKE TO USE THE ROYAL OIL TREATMENT: My favorite way to use this product is on wash days. I wet my hair then lightly dry it with a t-shirt so that my hair is still wet. I put about 3 tablespoons of the oil into a microwaveable-safe dish and put it in the microwave for about 10 seconds to warm the oil up. I dip my ends into the oil dish to make sure they are covered. Then I hold my head up and massage the oil from my ends to the rest of my hair. I take whatever is left in
the dish and pour it over my head slowly, then massaging the rest through. I do this for a few minutes before I apply my microwavable heating cap. I let this sit for 20ish minutes, or until the heating cap is cooled. When I am not using the heating cap, I put a plastic shower cap over my hair and let it sit for about an hour. Your body heat will naturally warm the oil up – this may be the way to go if you want your hair to sit longer with the oil. Then, I shampoo it out mainly focusing on my
scalp to make sure there is no oil build-up. I focus less on my ends and strands so that the oil is not washed out completely. My hair is always super soft afterwards. This is a wonderful treatment to use year-round, but especially in the colder months!


2) Palace Deep Conditioner

MY EXPERIENCE: Deep conditioners are essential to a balanced hair care regimen. I have found that they provide more intensive moisture than a regular conditioner. When I started my hair journey, I was deep conditioning twice a week – especially in the colder months. My hair was desperate for moisture. Once I saw improvements in my hair, I dropped it down to once a week. 

HOW I LIKE TO USE THE PALACE DEEP CONDITIONER: This is probably my favorite product (even though all of them are wonderful). It provides such a luxurious, silky feel when applied to the hair that you notice almost right away after applying. I do my wash day once a week right now and apply the deep conditioner after I shampoo. I always brush it through to make sure all my strands are met with the product. This is super important and a step that I feel is often overlooked. When you brush it through, you’re also giving your hair strands time to absorb the
product – so you’re essentially knocking out two things at a time. This deep conditioner is also amazing at helping to detangle. I let it sit for at least 5 minutes after brushing through. Then I rinse it out with cooler water. Cool water helps combat frizziness as it allows your hair cuticles to close. When you take warm/hot showers, your hair cuticles tend to rise which causes frizziness. So, I always make sure to rinse with cooler water! When I have time, I pair the deep conditioner with a heating cap and O.M.G – my curls are always super soft and more defined after I do this!


3) Majestic Leave-In

MY EXPERIENCE: Leave-In Conditioners are great to help lock in moisture. Did you know that leave-in conditioners should be applied in the shower when your hair is still wet? I never knew this before. I always applied it after I dried my hair and wouldn’t get the results I was expecting. But never realized it was because of how I was applying it.

HOW I LIKE TO USE THE MAJESTIC LEAVE-IN: I apply it in the shower when my hair is still wet, right before I get out of the shower and the water is turned off. I do this to make sure none of the product is accidentally rinsed out. I take my brush and I brush it through. Like with the deep conditioner, you get better results doing this since each strand will be met with the product. I lightly “squeeze” my hair with a t-shirt afterwards, making sure that my hair isn’t too dry before I brush my hair again (I know I’ve mentioned brushing in this post -- if you haven’t yet purchased
a Denman brush, please add that to your shopping list! They are on Amazon and when I tell you it helps to accentuate your curls --- IT HELPS TO ACCENTUATES YOUR CURLS!). I typically apply the leave-in conditioner every other day in between wash days.


4) Chebe Crown Butter

MY EXPERIENCE: Just like with oils, butters help with elasticity of the hair strands and subsequently, helps with breakage. When I formulated the hair butter, I wanted something that was light enough that could spread easily throughout your hands and fingers and was soft enough that it wouldn’t pull out your hair on contact. Believe me when I say – in the past, I purchased a hair butter that was so thick and almost “sticky” that it actually caused my hair to
shed as I was applying it to my hair! These butters are solid in the jar but soften super quick after you put it in your hands.

HOW I LIKE TO USE THE CHEBE CROWN BUTTER: After I have brushed through the Majestic Leave-In, I take a quarter sized amount of the butter (depending on the thickness of your hair). I apply it to my ends, avoiding my roots/scalp to make sure I do not create any build-up. This butter does a great job at sealing in moisture, softening the hair, and protecting it against the elements. Because it is not a heavy product, it works well with other products. Customers have said they have used it alongside gel while braiding and it did not cause any build-up! I also love to use it while braiding London’s hair. It just makes her hair so soft. Even when I take her braids down, I can still feel the softness that it created.


I hope this post has provided you with insight into how to use our products! I have found that while products are important, your technique in how you apply the products is arguably MORE important! And will all these tips, remembering to take your time while caring for your hair is important – brushing conditioners through, letting treatments sit for an appropriate length of time, following a regimen consistently, etc. I promise, you will notice huge differences and your curls with THANK YOU for it!



(PHOTO CREDIT: Steve Paszt Photography) 

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